Pastry Maven has a reputation for making chewy and delicious caramels in a variety of unconventional flavors.  Some of the most unique flavors  like black licorice and root beer have become customer favorites at the bakery. Each bag contains 12 delicious caramels of your choice, or select a variety pack and taste them all!

Black Licorice ~ Buttery and chewy caramel with the distinctive flavor of a black licorice vine, finished with flakey vanilla salt. We haven’t met a customer who didn’t like these, even those who say they don’t care for black licorice!

Root Beer ~ The iconic taste of a root beer float in caramel form. These are addictive, so you may want to order an extra bag!

Raspberry – Chewy with a bright raspberry finish that melts on your tongue.  Warning! Gifting a bag of these may cause new friendships!

Red Licorice ~ For those stubborn folks who think red licorice is the only flavor worth eating; this caramel is for you. The same chewy treat with the unique flavor that is red licorice. Try these at the movies instead of red vines. You won’t be disappointed. 

Pumpkin Pie ~ Tis the Season! Actually, this flavor caramel is in season all year long, as it should be.  Warm spices combine with a buttery caramel to create a sensational tasting treat.  Pastry Maven has heard that some people elicit marriage proposals when sharing this caramel with a loved one. 

Salted Vanilla Caramel~ This is where it all begins. I use the finest ingredients to create the perfect chewy, buttery caramel. How do you make it better? Let’s add some vanilla bean flakey salt on top to get that wonderful salty/sweet combination. You can’t go wrong with this tasty caramel.