Tasty Reviews

“Ginny is hands-down the world’s “Lemon bar Queen.” I have eaten lemon bars in virtually every country around the world and no one, repeat no one, has ever matched the sweet yet tart lemony filling on the perfect shortbread crust of Ginny’s bars – they are simply the best in the world!” 

Michael P.

“To say that Ginny’s cakes are beautiful and delicious doesn’t even begin to do them justice. Ginny is creative, detail oriented and dedicated to making each cake perfectly suited to the occasion. While most people will feel the cake is too beautiful to cut, you’ll be happy you did because they taste as good as they look!” 

Jeff and Mary S.

“I have had the pleasure of enjoying a variety of different cakes, cupcakes, candies & French pastries like croissants and macarons. Ginny’s talent goes far beyond her baking; her attention to detail is a work of Art!” 

Laura G.

Pastry Maven’s macarons are my all time favorite desert. Whenever I’m in town I make sure to try all the special edition flavors and take some home with me to tide me over until the next visit. I’ll have to order up some monthly deliveries!” 

Lisa S.

I remember my first taste of Ginny’s cheesecakes. I consider myself an aficionado of the dessert and wondered if it could taste as good as it looked. What an experience! The creamiest, densely flavorful burst of heaven to hit my mouth ever! Since then I have had the pleasure of experiencing her macaroons, carrot cake, brownies, and so much more! ” 

Suzi P.

Ginny’s fondant cakes are not only delicious but beautiful! She created an amazing Great Gatsby cake for my birthday, perfectly replicated from an image I sent her. It was so good, we had to use her again to make our Gender Reveal Cake” 

Tony & Allison H.

Each dessert you make tastes as amazing as it looks. Such creative flavors and decorating. Nothing in your bakery case ever lasts!” 

Cooper H.

I was gifted a basket of Ginny’s sugar cookies. WOW! They were as beautiful as they were delicious! Her execution—and presentation—was outstanding. Each cellophane-wrapped cookie looked like a painting of cacti—so pretty, in fact, I ALMOST didn’t want to eat them.” 

Jenifer I.

“I love pastries!  In Paris I was transfixed by displays of beautiful desserts, wanting to try every one of them.  I would often buy a Napolean slice and couldn’t wait to sample it, only to find in the sampling that my choice only awakened my eyes, but not my palate .  What disappointment !  This has happened to me many times and in many places. I am compelled to write this because I was so happily surprised by the baked goods prepared by Ginny. Her design sense is extraordinary. Her pastries are truly pieces of art.  The wondrous thing is that when you dare to disrupt the art by biting into it, the art of great baking is right there tantalizing your mouth, delicious and quite incredible!”


“I was gifted a basket of Ginny’s sugar cookies.  WOW!  They were as beautiful as they were delicious!  Her execution—and presentation—was outstanding.  Each cellophane-wrapped cookie looked like a painting of cacti—so pretty, in fact, I ALMOST didn’t want to eat them.”

Jenifer P.